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Welcome to Today I’m Eating! What are you Eating Today?

TIE FACEBOOK TESTToday I’m Eating is….. (takes deep breath) a recipe sharing, food reviewing, taste bud inspiring, restaurant rating, chef uncovering, foodie community! We are part of the Absolutely Awesome Group which is a bunch of like minded food, technology, news, community and social media nuts that get very excited about all projects but especially food and sharing everyone’s experiences!

Today I’m Eating is for anyone that loves food or restaurants and wants to share their experiences and inspire others! You either create and share a recipe, tagging the main ingredients so others can find it. Or be out with friends and have a dish that just blows your mind and you can share it, linking it to the restaurant, raising their profile and sharing the love! Or you can just make a great dish a home and show the world your culinary brilliance!

We want you to have fun!! People will follow you depending on your dishes and personality. So if you produce a series of super healthy dishes or you are travelling the world taking photos of your favourite candy bar then it’s all good with the Today I’m Eating Team.

How it all began...

Today I’m Eating was born out off a lack of information. We were travelling at the time around a City we had never been to and wanted to experience some of the best local cuisine but which reviews to trusts?? So we thought we get access to the worlds best food reviewers…. YOU! Everyday on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr etc we randomly saw these great dishes and restaurants but there was never a place to go that collects these images and links them to the restaurant to give you a real feel for the venue and food! So… Today I’m Eating was born!

Our twitter site launched (@today_im_eating) and people started telling us what they were eating and the community started to grow! People were inspiring, sharing tips, experiences and photos… it was beginning to take off!

All about the Community!

Today I’m Eating is all about giving a platform to interesting food and people, if you are a food blogger and you want to write as a SUPER FOODIE on our site then contact us here with an example of your work:

We are looking for people around the world who are passionate about food and sharing their experiences. We want you to be part of the Today I’m Eating Team (TIE TEAM) and as the site grows we want to be able to focus more and more on the local gastronomic wonders in a region! WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF THIS!

Meet the Team.


Mr Today… Mr Today is the founding partner of Today I’m Eating and his frustrations and love of great food lead to the creation of the site. Mr Today focuses on the ideas, community and spirit. He can often be found in seeking out one of London’s or New York’s finest street food vendor’s or experiencing one a new taste of Asia in one of Hong Kong’s trendy new bars. A real passionate about food and people!

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